Enabling smarter enterprises

MSC Group Software and Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

We are an offshore company with registered office in Bengaluru, India.
The company is founded on the philosophy of multi-purpose innovations: from technology, services to processes.

Business Description

Product-specific, market-specific, customer-specific and service-specific innovations leading to enabling smarter enterprises.

Business Field

  • Software
  • Systems design
  • Development

Executive introduction

President and COO
Arumugam B


  • MSC Group Software and
    Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

  • CRN Square, 2nd Floor,
    No.15, Kasturba Road,
    Bangalore 560-001.

  • CRN Square, 2nd Floor, No.15, Kasturba Road, Bangalore 560-001.


  • +91 80 46884300

  • +91 80 46884301

  • arumugamb@msc-inc.co.jp

  • (Please contact the officers directly for inquiries.)