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MSC Group India is founded on the philosophy of constant innovation
that allows for creativity and engineering excellence to support our customers.

Product Innovation

In our line of work, technology is one of the catalytic elements of innovation. Into the new millennium and beyond, innovation has become a directed effort and our company focuses on technology revolutions to innovate for market.

Service Innovation

Service innovation forms the foundational structure to stay aligned to our customer expectations. While we are a software and systems design and development house, we focus on aligning our activities along a pre-defined set of services.

Process Innovation

Product and Service innovations define “what we do” that would help our customer reach their market objectives. On the other hand, Process innovation is all about “how we do.”

Deep Learning

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Resize browser to view the changes.

Computer Vision

Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Screen Displays. Retina Icons, Fonts & all others graphics are optimized.

Text analytics and NLP

Canvas includes tons of optimized code that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.

Neuromorphic Computing

Canvas included 20+ custom designed Slider Pages with Premium Sliders like Layer, Revolution, Swiper & others.

Quantum Machine Learning

Change the Color Scheme of the Theme in a flash just by changing the 6-digit HEX code provided in the colors.php file.

Predictive Analysis

Use any Font you like from Google Web Fonts, Typekit or other Web Fonts. They will blend in perfectly.


    Our endeavour is to incorporate AI and Machine Learning techniques into our customer products and solutions. From this point of view, whenever we get an opportunity while working on a customer project, we keenly analyze and check if anything can improve in terms of performance, accuracy and usability if we apply AI techniques.


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Today’s business world, software is at the core of each company’s ability to create products, systems and services. The demand for tech-savvy, agile software solutions that are both well-integrated and intelligent is on the rise and these innovations become key differentiating factors in a competitive landscape.

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We always look forward to solve practical problems of our customers. More specifically, the purpose and context of our applied research is invariably directed to solve problems that are relevant to our customers, while the employed methodology allows for external validation of the suggested / delivered solution.

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Advancements in machine learning have led to technology leaders pushing for democratization of artificial intelligence, where high-level technologies are available to everyone at an affordable price. Robotics process automation technology goes a long way towards realizing that reality.

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Inauguration held on 30th of July, 2018. On this special occasion the Chairman and CEO Akihiro Nakamura, President and COO Aroumougam B and Director and CTO Yasuro Hasegawa were present along with Indian headquater Staff members.


MSC Group Software and Systems India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore are looking for IT Professionals who have excellent technical skills in, but not limited to, .Net, Java, CAD/CAE Matlab/Simulink, Japanese Translators and are willing to travel to Japan as and when required by the organization. Japanese Bilingual Engineers with strong knowledge in any programming language have an excellent opportunity at MSC Group Software and Systems India Pvt Ltd., Bangalore.

MSC Group Introduction

We introduce the main solutions of MSC group companies.